Masha and the Bear has come alive with the help of Comunique. In an ice skating show, the popular tales about the loveable Masha and her friend, the Bear, has been brought to life in a large-scale ice show in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The show has been such a success with over 55.000 sold tickets that an expansion to other European countries is now being prepared.


  • Strengthen Masha brand awareness
  • Offer a new and unique experience for Masha fans
  • Motivate children into engage in sports by showing figure skating combined with gymnastics


  • Media, TV, Radio, Online, Magazines and Social Media
  • Produced CD with 12 original songs, recorded by popular local singers and actors


  • 55.000 tickets were sold in 2015
  • Amazing feedback from audience:

Thank you very, very much. I’ve never seen this kind of joy and happiness in my daughter’s eyes. (Kate Váradiová on Comunique Facebook page)

It was luxurious and beautiful. The best song is About Bad Wolves. We are singing it all day long. (Michaela Uhrová on Comunique Facebook page)

A great performance! Kids were watching it with their mouths opened and didn’t want to go home. (Jana Martišova on Comunique Facebook page)


  • Increased brand awareness and presented the brand in a new, creative and inspired way
  • Presented the brand in a new category and thereby extending the Masha program into live shows
  • Offered fans a new way to engage and interact with the brand