For over 30 years Postman Pat has delivered enchanting entertainment to children all over the world, and he even takes care of their teeth too! Since the beginning of our partnership with Blumøller 10 years ago (Blumøller is now a part of the Unilever Group), it was clear that it was going to be a success. They understood and embraced the identity of Postman Pat and his inherent appeal to pre-schoolers.

Under the Zendium brand, they successfully developed a wonderful range of personal care products specially formulated for children between 0-6 years.

Zendium Postman Pat toothpaste has been ranked as most recommended children’s toothpaste in Denmark, and the no. 1 toothpaste brand in the 0-6 year category with a market share of 70,2% and a growth of +17% in Denmark.


  • Introduction of a new Nordic pre-school product, Zendium dental care products
  • Strengthen Postman Pat brand awareness in Nordics


  • On Product: Postman Pat co-branded on product
  • Consumer: Yearly Christmas event – give away advent calendars, competitions supported by ads running on TV & cinemas (2009)
  • In Store: POS (year-round) Postman Pat plush in store (year-round) Postman Pat ride-ons instore (year-round) &  Festelavn” (local holiday) displays


  • #1 children’s tootpaste and toothpaste brand (Denmark)
  • 70,2% market share (Denmark)
  • +17% growth (Denmark)


  • By co-branding with Zendium, Postman Pat established itself as an everyday household brand for the target demographic
  • For over 10 years, the product has brought a steady and positive impact on sales for both Unilever and Postman Pat