About: Originally created in 1959 by Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam, the Trolls swept the world when they first hit the market. Generations of children grew up playing with the cute little figures with the shock of fluorescent hair and they were one of the biggest culture trends of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. They still have a huge cult following today and in 2003 the Toy Industry Association named Trolls as one of the 100 most memorable and creative toys of the 20th century.

Good Luck Trolls is a classic brand with huge retro appeal and a long standing heritage. We are targeting high-end original fan based lines in key categories such as homeware, designer items, jewellery and fashion.

Original Owner: Dam Things Holdings ApS

Content: 272 x 30’ cartoon episodes, The Smurfs, 2011 (live action & CGI animation movie), The Smurfs 2, 2013 (Live action & CGI animation movie) and The Smurfs: The Lost Village (all CGI animated), 2017.

Rights: Merchandising, Publishing and Promotions

Territories: Nordics