“ZAFARI is about the quirky kid, about feeling like an outsider. I certainly felt that way growing up, and still somewhat as an adult. In fact, this is something that each person feels is unique to themselves, but ironically, is universal. We all feel different. We’re all the quirky kids. We’re all the outsiders. And in that, we are all the same and connected.”

“That’s the epic vision of ZAFARI.”

David Dozoretz, creator

  • A show that allows writers and artists to dig into their own childhoods and use their experience as the basis for stories.
  • A show with an ensemble cast centered around a protagonist who acts as the glue that holds the series together.
  • A show that inspires kids to be confident comfortable with who they are, celebrating their uniqueness.
  • A show that inspires kids to embrace others, celebrating their differences.
  • A show that kids want to watch, over and over again.
  • A show that parents are happy for their kids to watch, over and over again.